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Dance is one of the most fluid, universal and versatile forms of art and expression.

With the rising amount of TV shows which showcase incredible dance routines, dance classes are becoming increasingly popular. No matter what your age, gender or body type, dance is for everyone. The craze for dance in India is definitely rising day by day.


Joining a dance class can be an incredible decision you can take for yourself. Look for the best dance school in Kolkata where you can learn various forms of dance. There are so many beautiful types of dances that you can opt for; from Indian classical, Salsa, creative dances, and so much more! Pick your favourite, or learn more than one form of dance.

Reasons why you should join a dance class

Relaxing stress buster

Did you know that you could have a number of adverse health effects due to stress? Well, what could be a better stress reliever than opting for some fun dance lessons? You get to express your creativity in a fun way; you make new friends, dance solo or in groups. All these are extremely relaxing for your body and your mind. The hormones which are released during this process also help your brain to alleviate stress, and your body to loosen up.

It is a great form of exercise

If you are having trouble losing weight, or fitting in a good exercise routine in your daily schedule, dance classes can be just the right option for you. Dancing is an amazing form of full body exercise, as you stretch and move every bone and muscle in your body. Dancing can be the best form of cardio where you don’t even feel like you are exercising; instead, you are just having fun.

Exercise your brain

No, dancing does not simply exercise your joints, muscles and limbs. Dancing is a great form of exercise for your brain as well. Dancing helps release hormones which help to exercise your brain, alleviating the symptoms of several kinds of brain related issues. Whether its dementia, learning to concentrate and focus better, or preventing Alzheimer’s, dancing is the best overall exercise for all.

Good for your mental health

We have already talked about how great dancing is for your physical health. Now, we learn that dancing is also good for your mental health. Disorders like social anxiety, generalized anxiety disorders and other such issues can be dealt with in a very creative manner with the help of dancing. As you learn to meet new people, communicate better, and express yourself more freely in the form of dance, you start to feel your mental health improving as well. And as we all know, good mental health is just as important as good physical health.

It is an expression of creativity

Dance can come in many shapes and forms. It is not necessary that you need to follow each dance routine to the T. In fact; dance is a creative and free flowing form of art. It allows you to express your individuality in your own, unique way. You can soon start choreographing your own dance routines where you can show off your creative side in front of everyone.

There are many compelling reasons as to why you should opt for dance classes. The best dance school in Kolkata gives you plenty of options to explore and choose a form of dance which you are comfortable with. You can learn to become a great dance, express yourself more freely, and improve your overall mental and physical health with the form of healthy and fun dance classes. Opt for the best dance school with a great selection of courses and faculty.


27 September 2019
Great on all aspects. So true to keep the body and mind in sync. Great article, thanks for sharing.