What do you think about Singapore's Top Celebrity Restaurants?

Living in a cultural melting pot means you can experience a huge range of different styles, thoughts, history and ideas.

People will bring with them their own aspects along with those from their native homeland. This can give rise to inspired art, music, writing, clothes and more, with food being at the top. People will come together and share recipes from their places of origin and enable others to try new cuisine. It can then catch on and become a staple, be mixed with new things and become a global food.

What we can see a lot these days is not just food from other countries but chefs from foreign lands bringing new meals to the world. Singapore is a diverse place and we're seeing more and more celebrity chefs set up their restaurants here and here are some of the best.

Wolfgang Puck may have been born in Austria but he made his name in the USA. He moved to Los Angeles when he was just twenty-four and had his first book released in 1981, when he was thirty-two. He worked at several establishments early in his career, with Spago being the place he made his name. The restaurant received critical acclaim and made him famous across America and then the would, becoming a staple on television. The chef most famous for his steak opened his chain of restaurants; CUT, so everyone could enjoy them. This steakhouse can be found in Marina Bay Sands and offers quality meals and a stylish atmosphere you can't pass up, right here in Singapore.

British chef Jamie Oliver has become a fixture on television in the UK and has achieved worldwide fame. He worked hard on his craft and in his early twenties was noticed by television executives and given his own show; The Naked Chef. The programme highlighted Oliver's personality and informal cooking style that made him hugely popular. He has numerous eateries around the world and Singapore is no exception. Jamie's Italian is a informal place that you and friends can go to eat a great meal. Pasta, pizza, mains and desserts, sides and starters, kids menus and drinks are all available, ensuring you have a wide choice. If you can't get there, don't worry, as Deliveroo provide Oliver's fish in a bag recipe to make yourself.


28 September 2018
They are quiet amazing all around Singapore. Most are very high profile chefs here and we are lucky to have their amazing food. More so experience their fine dining all around this little red dot and sometimes lucky to have them in town.


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