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Hi I'm Sylvia and this is my life. 

I've been a corporate lady training and coaching corporations to develop their teams with change tools since 2002. I totally love my work!

I started my career as a banker and spent 13 years in branch banking then Treasury. It was a steep learning curve, one that I enjoyed but I felt there was more….so I re-invented my career over 5 painful years of low income. Moving from banking to headhunting then IT recruitment, I found myself on a roller coaster ride. Life didn’t come so easy. From stability to chopping and changing jobs, it was a vigorous soul-searching journey.

My first business as a Neuro Linguistic Programming Corporate Trainer and Coach had me doing the hard yards. I did long hours and travelled through the Asia Pacific Region building my brand. I struggled between earning well in corporate and giving my work for free to people who needed it badly. On the whole I wasn’t making enough to build myself a nest egg as there were good and bad months. I found my earning capacity was not commensurate with the hard hours I put in.

It was this feeling of insecurity that led me to search for a lucrative online business. I wanted to build a residual income and not have to rock up to a client and train in front of a group of people all day. I wanted a lifestyle with the flexibility of working wherever, doing the things I love, spending time with loved ones and doing pretty much whatever I wanted to do! More than anything I wanted financial freedom!

To my good fortune and focus (on what I really wanted), I stumbled across this business that had two important components; personal development and a business vehicle. So I am growing as a person while making money!

I am excited at what the future holds. I am already on the path to making my future amazingly real to the dreams I always had. I know the possibilities are endless and I can change my reality in a matter of months. Some people already have and are earning in excess of us$50,000/month!!!

Nowhere else have I found something so easy to do with everything provided to me plus a community of people who are positive and empowering. I am having fun and I know it will only get better!

If you're looking to get out of the world you are in and earn a great income while having fun and flexibility in your life then this could be right for you. It’s an opportunity to build a business of your own which requires no sales pitch neither stocking of products and no, it’s not multi-level marketing either.

All you need is the mind to think different and the drive to make it happen.

Fill out the form in the link HERE and I will call you back within 24 hours for a short conversation and to offer you more information. Looking forward to connecting with you.


6 April 2019
"I come from a purchasing officer background in the mining industry and I was earning double what I could in the city. This turned on my ambition to find that sort of income potential in the city that was home based so I could stay home raising my children. What this business has offered me is far beyond my first expectations. Our life-changing products, our community, this simple business and the amazing income opportunity!"