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You may have been visiting the popular Fat Prince restaurant at 48 Peck Seah St for some time, but did you know that in the back room you will find a small hidden gem?

While Fat Prince has a vibrant atmosphere, sharing plates and great cocktails, The Ottomani is a truly romantic, great ambience, dimmed light (mostly live candles) environment, perfect for a loving couples' romantic dinner, offering a set menu priced around SG$108 and a short, but very well-chosen wine list”. The food is presented with heroic effort and your taste buds are challenged with every mouthful. Service is some of the best in Singapore. . .each member of the team is attentive and helpful without overdoing it.

The Ottomans

So, now you know this hidden gem exists. A Middle Eastern dining experience, The Ottomani awaits behind the moody glass windows of Parisian styled Fat Prince.  The bar serves up a chic cocktail selection showcasing their unique take on the old fashioned, something called “between the fashions” which is highly recommended as an aperitif.

The Ottomans

Stepping from the bar through the enticingly curved, tiled archway you arrive in a completely different world; low tables, cushions, individual carpets underfoot and a variety of cool jazz from around the world setting the mood. It conveys the sumptuous, secretive, slightly illicit feel of a Casablanca speakeasy backroom, minus the bootlegged booze and the cigarette smoke.

The Ottomans

The service team are amazingly attentive, smartly dressed and knowledgeable. Most importantly they are there when you need them (discrete when you don’t), have all the answers you require and are able to engage in conversation, something that other restaurants fail to grasp is a differentiator. Simple things like making a joke about the menu or knowing something about the wines on the tasting list...they all make a difference.

The Ottomans

The menu is brilliantly simple and quirkily named. Sometimes a focus on fewer quality items is better and the sampling ‘a la carte’ approach helps. With four courses and only four items on each (only two desserts) you simply pick one from each course and you know the kitchen will nail it; even if they did not get it right on test. You will love to see a vegetarian option called “Mary had a wooden spoon” as if taking the veggie option was a consolation prize. And something called “the accident” .... well if it made it to the menu then it was the best accident ever. It all points to a style of trial, honesty and pride. 

The Ottomans

Smaller first and second courses, mouthfuls of taste from the Levant precede heftier third courses (one between two) of meats and fish. For a group you could chose lamb, pork and add an extravagant third plate of beef (small extra cost) all tender, spiced and delicious, served with accompanying potatoes, tomatoes, cous cous like bulgar wheat pearls all added to being transported to Persia for the evening.

The Ottomans

Some of the choices do have an added cost, like the oyster or the beef, but that’s somewhat standard. The attention to detail on each (and remember there’s only four choices per course) is very high so it does pay to go that extra mile. The hunk of wonderfully cooked beef is delightful, and you may even have the honour (the pleasure) of having it carved at the table.

The ottomans

The Ottomani is an intimate yet lively New Middle Eastern Supper Club delivering a genuine experience, in the sexiest space in Singapore. Behind Chef Beau, The Ottomani is a unique experience and a totally fresh take on a cuisine you thought you knew.  Bringing you back to a time and place where service & genuine touches were always included, the venue feels classic, but the food is anything but.

Classic through the vibrancy and exotic flavours of the Middle East, at the same time, current through the kitchen's execution and interpretation.  The Ottomani focuses on combining fresh, local and sustainable ingredients with unique ones from far off regions of Morocco to Turkey.  Creativity meets tradition, leaving guests feeling comforted and surprised as if your meal was an experience that connects you to the past and showcases how progressive Middle Eastern food can get.

Fire is central to The Ottomani & in everything we do from the cooking to the lighting. Fire is a source of intimacy and intrigue, two things that are very much a part of the Ottomani experience. Almost every light in the venue is either candle or oil lantern conjuring fantasies of mysterious Arabian nights. In the kitchen, the Chefs get in touch with their culinary roots with the charcoal grill and the wood-fired earth pit, where every night before going home they burn a fire down to embers, and buries the next night's menu inside to slow roast overnight.

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28 November 2018
Now this place takes the words' hidden gem ' to new meaning! the fat Prince out front and then this amazing place in the back. A must experience!


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