MeshMinds 2.0: ArtxTechforGood at ArtScience Museum Thurs 7 to Sun 17 March 2019

What do you think about MeshMinds 2.0: ArtxTechforGood at ArtScience Museum Thurs 7 to Sun 17 March 2019 ?


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10 March 2019
This is the second year that the exhibition is held at ArtScience Museum as part of the museum’s pillar programme, ArtScience in Focus, a cross-disciplinary showcase featuring collaborations with education, art, science and technology partners.


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News Desk
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1 March 2019
There will be more than 20 immersive works that will creatively spotlight the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals such as climate change, rising inequality and pollution; by bringing together the arts and technology. These artworks are also great and fun opportunities for the general public of all ages, to learn more about the environment / world and what they can do on their part. The artworks will present plenty of visual opportunities that will be good for social or videos and we do hope you can join us in experiencing them. We’ve highlighted some of the visual opportunities below: • A Better Tomorrow by André Wee Visitors can scan portraits imagining Singapore 25 years into the future, and see the artworks come to life through augmented reality • Hold My Gaze by Andrew Loh and Jacob Chen Visitors are invited to sit in front of the iPad Pro and hold their gaze with the person opposite them. With face mapping technology, the faces will be masked with a beautiful rainforest, but as soon as either person looks away, the mask will change into a burning forest - which could be caused by ignoring the effects of climate change. • Paperchase by Alfonsus Wong Paperchase is an interactive educational AR experience that invites you to find and use Singapore’s recycling points whilst collecting comic strips to piece together the story of a trash-eating monster. • Animaker Asia by André Wee and OMAi Using Duplo bricks, visitors can create your favourite animal and see it live and interact in a virtual world on a large screen of the gallery. • The Mount That Keeps on Growing by DPLMT Creative collective DPLMT have created a kaleidoscopic portrait, which upon closer inspection is actually comprised of a horde of trash. Visitors can take pictures of themselves as Mother Nature, wearing a crown made of trash. • Experiencing Beauty by Lucinda Law, Within Lucinda documented the flora and fauna she encountered on her expeditions with the Tengah Island Conservation research scientists during her artist-in-residence programme at the sustainability focused island resort, Batu Batu Resort. Experiencing Beauty brings these sketches and drawings to life with the use of technology.


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