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The Yangon Gallery 2  


The Yangon Gallery
1 review
16 September 2020
A contemporary art center established in 2014, the Yangon Gallery is situated in People’s Park Compound, the quintessential location in the heart of Yangon, near the prominent Shwe Dagon pagoda. The Yangon Gallery is devoted to offer a dynamic and sophisticated space for art community and it is among the largest art space in Yangon. The gallery has hosted more than 200 art related events since it opened and it is unique for having its own landscape area and car park. With the passion to promote different genres of art, the Yangon Gallery has been strived to be an art platform to discover and promote established and also young and emerging artists. This commercial space occupies 3560 square feet and facilitated with high quality lighting system from DIALux to showcase various kinds of artworks and installations. The Gallery Cafe, The Gallery Café, next to The Yangon Gallery, is a place where you can easily chill out with friends and family. We intend to make it a space for the art lovers who can stop by for a cup of coffee after visiting the gallery. Our café also has an outdoor garden of our own and we want to create a comfortable environment for all our customers. The Café serves freshly brewed coffee, sandwiches and pastries and it also provides catering services to The Yangon.