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5 December 2017
Dechen Shak will be performing a charity concert with the Jewel Ensemble on 15th Dec. You can also come up close & personal with her in her Mantra Singing & Tibetan Dance workshop on 16th Dec. Dechen sings for Dalai Lama and has two successful performances at Carnegie Hall. Her voice is so powerful & healing, and it is just divine live! She will share her secrets on the 16th Dec workshop. On 15th Dec, Dechen will be accompanied by Maria Rhomberg who will share about her book "An Amazing Rebirth", the candid story of her inner life transformation and recovery from 3rd stage cancer. For care givers and those who are experiencing challenges in life, Maria will inspire you for your personal transformation.


This is so exciting to know we have an international vocalist about to land on our shores. I watched her video above and it's fully awesome. Thank you for sharing this and I hope many people get to see this post and go to the perofmace
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