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10 July 2019
I love the place as it first gives you this cozy look and you feel so happy stepping into the shop with so many flavours of ice cream to choose from. I had a hard time deciding what I want. My son loves the idea of having 2 flavours into one cup (half a scoop per flavour) as he can taste 2 favours! The ice cream quality is on a better side so I recommend you come and enjoy ice cream here. You will sure love it. Jessilin Khee recommends Tom's Palette on Facebook **Impressive service with excellent waffles.** On my way to dinner where I passed by this parlor again. Greediness took over and decided to place an order of waffles before heading off. The lovely staff was aware I'm in a hurry and promptly took off to making my waffles. 15 minutes on, she come over looking extremely apologetic stating my waffles had to be delayed due to a failed first attempt. She offered me a scope of ice-cream while waiting, and bowed slightly. I was overwhelmed by their honesty, integrity and professionalism to serve the best food. In mediocre cafes, should your waffles be destroyed, burnt or in a disaster state, the staff would not inform you but keep you waiting (probably till the cows come home). Others would even serve the substandard food onto your plate. Tom's Palette took a different approach to this. They were open, professional and had a wonderful service staff. She was smiley throughout and sincere in her approach. Mindful of her customer's needs and exhibited passion on her job. Well done, Sarah!!!! (i hope i got your name right). Ameli Chiang reviewed Tom's Palette on Facebook.


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