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Meissen porcelain was initially attributed with the wealthy when it first came to the forefront of the market, but these beautiful pieces are now more accessible to everyday collectors.

The items have been praised for their intricate design in the artwork entailed and some rare pieces from the 18th century have caused a mild frenzy when appearing on the market.


Individuals may choose to collect porcelain for a number of reasons including their aesthetic appeal and sell-on value, and new collectors will need to watch out for potential swindlers trolling the market. Some helpful tips that might come of use when an individual is thinking about starting their own Meissen porcelain collection include:

The Earlier the Time Period, the Higher the Value

Porcelain has been in production since the 18th century, and one of the principal markers of a valuable piece is the particular period it was created. Wares that were made in the earlier centuries are more difficult to come by and are hardly put on sale by their owners, and will usually cost an arm and a leg if put on sale. A Meissen porcelain figurine from the 19th and early 20th centuries is more accessible to first-time collectors and still offers potential profit from its sell-on value in the future.

Pay Attention to the Weight and Density

Though the intricate designs and colors of a porcelain doll may be the first thing that catches the eye, the density of the particular object also plays a role in determining the quality of the item. Heavier products indicate a high level of workmanship and represent better value for money during a transaction. The added weight also ensures the longevity of the product as it will not easily wear out from erosion over time.

Search the Item for a Crossed Swords Logo

Individuals looking to buy an original Meissen porcelain figurine will need to search any potential candidates for a logo indicating two crossed swords. This marker identifies authentic products and has been in use by the manufacturer for centuries as a means of distinguishing their work from any potential counterfeits. Certain competitors use a mark that is vaguely similar in a bid to confuse consumers, and it is essential that the buyer retains accurate knowledge regarding the proper appearance of the logo.

Take Note of an Item’s Condition

Another issue that plays a major role in the value of a porcelain collection is the kind of condition the pieces are in at the time of sale. Issues such as cracks, chips, and excessive wear can greatly diminish the worth of a collection, and make it harder for an individual to get their money back should they decide to sell it on. The kind of restoration that has been conducted will also play a role in determining the value of a product, as most buyers want an item to be in its original condition upon purchase.

Clean with Care

Porcelain products are mainly used for display purposes and thus do not require a lot of cleaning on a regular basis. These items are very delicate and can be easily destroyed during such activities, so it is advisable to conduct this matter as sparingly as possible.


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