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The Makers Market Yangon 1  


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206 reviews
7 February 2020
The Makers Market brings together the finest in local handmade arts and crafts, food vendors, craft activities, and music. Its a golden opportunity to discover collect, source and commission unique handmade works while also meeting the artists, designers and makers in person. Come for the sunset and stay for the stars while discovering a variety of products and treasures that are unique, original and designed to inspire! We are a platform to support locally designed and locally sourced products. Decisions are made based on the selection criteria below: • Is it unique? (creative and one off not mass produced?) • Is it locally made? (we want to promote Myanmar made/designed) • Is it handmade? (made by a person not a machine) • Is it a quality product? (made well and built to last) • Does it add variety to our market ( we don’t want 5 stalls all selling the same thing) • Is it ethical ( are the people making it paid a fair wage ) • Is it waste free ( No plastic or wasteful packaging!)