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A business model that is destined to change the world of co-working

Dear Friends of Expat Choice & ClubCo,

As some readers will know, ClubCo has launched MultiCo which replicates the collaborative membership at ClubCo-  but now in multiple locations.

ClubCo is delighted to announce the first 4 co-working locations for you to enjoy on your MultiCo membership:

  • Private area in the Tiki Room @ Little Creatures on Club Street
  • The ClubCo area @ Pizza Express One Marina 
  • ClubCo area @ Pizza Express Scotts Road 
  • Club Meatballs 
  • and more locations to follow

Why MultiCo?­­

  • Convenient Locations

Choose to work at these F&B venues wherever is convenient for you. The venues include Club Meatballs, Little Creatures, Pizza Express and more.

  • Work Spaces Worldwide

Though we are starting with five spaces, we will be throughout Singapore and International outlets in no time! Our membership will be MULTI-transferable!

  • 100% Value

100% of your membership fees can be redeemed for Food & Beverage as well as other services from any one of our MultiCo venues WORLDWIDE.

  • A Win For All Parties

You get to choose where you want to work at and it also helps F&B venues by driving and encouraging members to use their space during their non-peak periods. Definitely a win-win for all!

  • Totally Automated

Once the fees, are paid, proceed to download our app. You will receive your membership number and matching credits which you can use at any MultiCo venue

So, how does a MultiCo Membership Work?

For $500 per month members can work in any of MultiCo partnering F&B locations across Singapore and receive $500 in vouchers to spend at the venues. 

Join MultiCo today and benefit immediately.

As this is the initial go-to-market phase, some manual operations will be expected but this will soon become automated.

In addition, ClubCo and the team are working towards adding more co-working locations across Singapore to give you greater convenience and variety.


23 August 2019
Fantastic concept and great idea! Awesome locations around Singapore.


20 August 2019
ClubCo is one of the most unique co-working concepts in the world by including Food and Beverage in our Membership Packages. While we used to only have one F&B outlet, this is about to change! For a monthly fee of $500, you will be able to cowork anywhere at our partnering F&B and redeem full value of membership for Food & Beverage! About ClubCo. We at ClubCo came to the realisation that workers were paying for desk space in co-working spaces and spending most of their time out in cafés, restaurants and bars. We created a space where all of this is encapsulated in one lively environment where members and the public mix. It is a space where cutting-edge workspaces, premium meeting rooms, versatile function areas and collaborative event spaces work harmoniously with an established lifestyle restaurant, café and bar, Club Meatballs. Instead of just paying for your workspace, up to 100% of your membership fee can be redeemed for food, beverage and other club services available. Having recently opened a new workspace in Capital Square, we continue to expand in hopes of catering to the ever increasing demand of our high value offerings.