Sealey Brandt Photographer understands your Expat Journey

Published - 09 April 2021, Friday

Memories……and experiences are the most treasured things we have in our lives.

The perfect Christmas Gift for you, your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, your family and your immediate group of expats friends in Singapore. Gift Vouchers also available for photo sessions if you cannot organise a session while Sealey is in Singapore

Photo Sessions are now available to book on Thursday 14, Friday 15, and Saturday 16 Nov 2019. BOOK NOW. Enquiries by email: [email protected] or visit her website 

The camera records memories but….with digital cameras these days and iPhone’s we point and shoot and sometimes get a good picture.

Sealey Brandt

They stay on the computer and if we are lucky we back it up. Colour prints fade as our memory does too. 

Sealey Brandt - Australian World Renouned Photographer has lived in Singapore over 18 years, now based in Melbourne and has photographed over 1,500 families throughout the world.

She prefers to shoot with B/W Film and Print by hand in the darkroom so that the prints last generations unlike digital and colour.

She is the best in her field says Tatler and produces images of families, children and people like no one else. Her talent is like magic. How she gets the soul of those she photographs is hard to imagine. It’s a feeling thing says Sealey and lighting and knowing when to shoot. Her subjects warm to her immediately as she gains their trust. 

Sealey Brandt is available for Family Portraits, Couples, Individual Portraits (ladies and men - after all we are all getting older), Animals/Pets, Corporate/Social media.

Enquiries by email: [email protected] or visit her website 

Limited sessions available.

FaceBook: HERE

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