What do you think about Remedies for Hair Loss at The Lifestyle Clinic?

Hair loss can be the result of many factors – hormonal changes, medication, diet, a medical condition, or simply hereditary – amongst other reasons.

Whatever the reason, however, there is no doubt that hair loss can cause stress, loss of self-confidence and other issues, putting it high on the “dread” list for most of us.

At The Lifestyle Clinic, treatments are safe, effective, and tailored specifically to each individual’s needs. Founded in 2007 by Dr. Komathy Rajaratnam, The Lifestyle Clinic is an aesthetic, dermatology and wellness clinic that focuses not just on aesthetic, but holistic treatment.

Following are the hair loss treatments available at The Lifestyle Clinic:

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata, also known as spot baldness, appears as small circular or oval bald spots in the scalp or beard area. Causes of alopecia are generally an immune disorder, acute stress, or genetics.

Often, alopecia will go away on its own after several weeks or months and the hair will grow back, but there are cases in which it can deteriorate and become permanent.

The best remedy for alopecia remains steroid injections for the bald spots. This is the fastest working remedy, and should be done as quickly as possible for maximum effectiveness.

Hair Loss (Female/Male)

Generally, hormones are one of the most common causes of hair loss. Because of this, hair loss, or stimulating hair growth, can only be treated medically. Many people try numerous treatments without success, which often causes more stress, resulting in more hair loss.

The Lifestyle Clinic’s aesthetic techniques both stop hair loss, and activate healthy hair regrowth.  A medical assessment, as well as a hormonal assay is conducted to assess the cause of the particular patient’s hair loss.

Treatment involves medicated shampoos and lotions, as well as a new technique called micro-infusion, which uses a specially-formulated mix of essential minerals & vitamins to achieve hair regrowth.

Generally, several sessions will be needed to attain the desired results.

The Lifestyle Clinic also has products on offer to stimulate hair regrowth:

Hair Loss Solution – Specially formulated with minoxidil which stops hair loss and various vitamins and peptides required for hair growth

iGrow – A home-based laser treatment that will give you volumised and thicker hair. iGrow uses laser as well as LED to stimulate hair cells, promoting hair growth.

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