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Asian Expat Radio AXR 3  


267 reviews
10 October 2019
I stumbled across this radio station a few days ago when I was accessing an app called RADIO SINGAPORE which is an app that aggregates about 30 Singapore Radio Stations on on convenient app - one of which is ASIAN EXPAT RADIO AXR. AXR allows you to listen to live music and commentary in the link below https://tunein.com/radio/AXR-Singapore-s278996/ I suggest you have a listen now - if you are on desktop you will be able to listen to AXR immediately If you are accessing this post on your mobile phone - you will be asked to download the app to listen ( it takes about 5 seconds to download ) The play list is universal and upbeat. The news is location centric, and the content is topical, sports, weather, helpful tips, entertainment and the all important Food and Drink beat. As founder of www.expatchoice.asia I felt a need to give this channel right of passage across our extensive Expat Choice platform. We have expats writing in from many locations across Asia thanking us for the information we post on a daily basis about things that are going on in Singapore. To have this audible extension of Radio in our Expat Choice"mix" is a valuable step towards giving expats everywhere in Asia newsworthy content when you want to listen to something familiar over the airwaves. So, I ask you now - to save this link and listen to Asian Expat Radio as your go to when you are on the move or living the expat life in Asia.