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Whether you’re a new expat in Singapore, or you’ve been here for years, for many of us this will be a unique opportunity to really propel our personal finances and achieve our financial goals.

With this opportunity in hand it’s important to start planning how you’ll make the most of your time in Singapore financially, and that’s exactly where Global Financial Consultants can assist.

Watch is episode of "On The Couch With Nici" to get up to speed with your financial decisions.

As an expat, the financial landscape can be a difficult one to navigate and presents both new challenges and opportunities when compared to your home country. Our team at Global Financial Consultants are here to help you navigate the journey and outline the most suitable options for you. Our team of Advisers provides a wide range of services and advice covering the following:

Comprehensive Strategic Financial Planning

As an expat, it’s important to review your current financial position and start identifying the goals that you’d like to achieve. With your financial goals in mind, we can work with you to start identifying the best pathways to achieving them. We know that your expat lifestyle can be a busy one. By starting early and getting on the front foot with a clear financial plan, you can ensure that you’re making the most of your time abroad. Your comprehensive financial plan needs to both consider your circumstances and tax residence both now and into the future, and that is where our team of Advisers can assist.

Retirement & Superannuation Planning

Our team of experienced Advisers can work with you to not only explore and define your retirement goals but identify the best investment options to achieve them. This includes assessing whether you should invest offshore; into your superannuation, or into other pension vehicles back at home. There are many considerations that arise for expats when it comes to retirement planning, so it’s important to have an experienced Adviser to help you find the best options for your situation.

Multi-Currency Wealth & Portfolio Management

We understand the importance of ensuring that the savings you’ve built up in your investment and retirement accounts needs to be both grown and preserved over time. When managing and advising on your investment portfolios, the advice provides factors in your current and potential future tax residency to ensure that your strategy is appropriate and aligned with your financial goals.

Our Portfolio Construction Principles

Fundamentally, we aim to achieve long-term sustainable growth for our clients, following industry-standard practices, tailored to each individual’s risk appetite, to construct client portfolios.  Risks are clearly identified and explained to ensure a complete alignment between our proposals and the client’s specific needs.

We understand that our success is inextricably linked to your success.

Savings Strategies

For many expats in Singapore and abroad, the reduced tax rate and higher disposable income levels make it possible to save a reasonable portion of your salary and/or bonus. It’s important not only to start saving but ensure that you have a plan to ensure that your savings are working for you. Our Advisers will work with you to not only define your financial goals, but to explore your savings strategies to achieve them.

Insurance - Life, TPD, Critical Illness, and Income Protection Insurance

When exploring your personal protection strategies and insurance options, working with knowledgeable Advisers who have a sound understanding of your options as an expat can help navigate the many complexities involved when identifying and implementing insurance strategies that work for you now, and into the future.

As an expat in Singapore, when it comes to financial planning, the most important thing you can do is to get started. Many people leave it too late thinking that they either don’t have the time or don’t have enough money to get started, however neither should stop you from starting your journey to achieving your financial goals. Reach out to a qualified Financial Adviser and start exploring how we can assist you.

When it comes to selecting the right Adviser and firm to work with, you should consider the following key points:

  • Range of Products & Services: Can the Adviser offer you a wide range of products and services to suit your unique financial situation and goals or are they restricted to a limited number of providers?
  • Local Knowledge: Does the Adviser have experience and knowledge of your home town, particularly if you plan to repatriate there in future?
  • Experience: It is often said that the best way to learn is learn from your mistakes, however this can often be an expensive exercise. By working with an experienced Financial Adviser you can ensure that you don’t make them in the first place.

Our team at Global Financial Consultants look forward to the opportunity of working with you and helping you on your expat journey to make the most of your time abroad.

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20 June 2019
What are clients saying about Global Financial Consultants? After being visited by a myriad of advisors seeking my business I selected Jarrad as he was open, forthright, knowledgeable, understood my expectations and maintained engagement. Despite us now being separated by the tyranny of distance the open communication continues. I would recommend Jarrad to anyone who was seeking a professional advisor with no sales pitch. Frank Keough “I transferred an under performing investment portfolio to Deepak’s control, His thorough domain knowledge, professionalism and engagement level have benefited my holdings. Cutting to the chase, he quickly created tailored plans in line with my clear financial goals, setting the right trajectory while presenting them in layman’s terms.His pleasing and innocuous persuasive skills go down well during our discussions with none of the oft showy and pushy promises reminiscent of some in the industry. Deepak seems to have perfected the art of relationship-building and has an effervescent personality but maintains a distinct sensitivity towards client needs. Barring our business relationship in its infancy stage, I am confident that our core objectives of wealth creation and preservation are well on their way to a good start with some promising returns becoming a reality in the near future. I would have no hesitation recommending him for your own financial planning needs.” Theresa Ramdas “My husband and I have been using Jarrad as our financial advisor since mid 2013. Jarrad is friendly yet professional and very knowledgeable particularly for expatriates. We have found his advice to be sound and tailored to our circumstances. We are very happy with the results he has achieved for us. He comes highly recommended. “ Laura Bruggink