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Safety and quality is of paramount importance at The Lifestyle Clinic here in Singapore, and treatments are tailored to suit each individual patient's requirements.

The many years of experience in both aesthetic medicine and dermatology have been key to the success of the practice which is founded by Dr. Komathy Rajaratnam, a 1985 graduate from the National University of Singapore. Dr. Komathy is registered with the Australian Medical Council and shares with Expat Choice, " the goal of all treatments is to achieve a result that is pleasing to the eye and very natural."  Let's highlight 6 such treatments for the face:


  • BOTOX: Botox is the trade name for one of the many types of botulinum toxin type A available . It is a neurotransmitter blocker which stops the signals for muscles to contract. As such, the specific muscle that has been injected relaxes, unable to respond. The relaxation results in wrinkles softening or disappearing.  The wrinkles that respond to BOTOX are the dynamic type, in that they appear with action of the muscle. Static wrinkles are permanently etched on the face, even at rest. Treatment options for static wrinkles are Fillers, Chemical peels, Fractional laser, or Radiofrequency procedures such as Thermage or Sublime. There is always a fear that one will look frozen. The frozen look is due to excessive BOTOX . An experienced BOTOX injector treats the lines, but the patient is able to make facial expressions as per normal.


  • DARK EYE CIRCLESThe presence of dark circles below the eyes is a common complaint, often accompanied by a high degree of frustration. Often the discolouration is caused by a true increase in the amount of skin pigment (melanin). By far the most common underlying cause is genetic. Any irritant that causes chronic tissue swelling may also contribute (allergy, fluid retention, thyroid disease, kidney disease, eyelash infection, habitual rubbing, excessive sun exposure, metabolic imbalance, certain medications such as birth control pills, and so on). Bleaching creams, solutions, and gels (hydroquinones) interfere with the formation of new melanin and may be helpful. Applied once or twice daily, they are available in a variety of brands and strengths. 


  • FILLERS: Fillers are the answer to replacing volume loss in the face due to ageing. Ageing causes loss of collagen as well as fat in the skin. The collagen provides support and tightness for the skin, thus a loss of collagen results in wrinkles and sagging. Reduction of fat in the cheeks and the eye area causes flatness, hollowness, and sagging. The face loses the curvatures that yields its attractiveness as we age. These days, it is all about volumisation of the face rather than just filling out lines. Volumisation in and of itself can soften naso-labial, naso jugal, and marionette lines. Strategic volumisation of the face is used to lift jowls. In the case of fillers, these replace lost volume and revive the beauty and youthfulness of the face. This effect is immediate.


  • PIGMENTATION Melasma appear as brownish to blackish stains on the cheeks, upper lip, chin and forehead. These usually appear during times of hormonal change, such as menopause, endocrine illness, through the use of contraceptives, in ageing, or during pregnancy. The typical dark stain in the form of a butterfly that appears on the front of the face during pregnancy, receives the special name of chloasma or gravidic melasma. This is the most difficult condition to treat as the pigmentation can be deep. The most effective treatment has been found to be a combination of special lightening creams with chemical peels such as Obagi or Cosmelan. Beware of treatments with IPL, as it can worsen the melasma. There are refractory forms of melasma that require oral antioxidants to be taken in addition to existing treatments.


  • V- FACIAL SLIMMING: Slim your face non-surgically - A V-shaped or oval face is widely considered to be attractive and youthful. Recently popularised by South Korean pop stars, it is now amongst the most sought after looks. Botox injections to shrink masseter muscles at the angle of jaw produce a slimmer contour. A chin augmentation with fillers lengthens the face, and further enhances the illusion of a slimmer face. Radiofrequency (RF) treatment tightens sagging skin along the jawline and reduces double chin and fat over lower cheeks and jaw line. This gives definition to the lower face to produce an oval shape. Another option is the Silhouette Soft Thread Lift, which is a non-surgical method of slimming and tightening the neck, face, and jawline.


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5 April 2019
Dr. Komathy Rajaratnam is one of Singapore’s leading doctors in aesthetic medicine. She has been practising aesthetic medicine since 1993, and is considered a pioneer in the field in Singapore. She worked for various aesthetic centres before opening her own clinic in 2007. She is a graduate of the National University of Singapore. Soon after graduation, she developed a special interest in dermatology and went on to get a Diploma in Dermatology from the University of Wales. While treating sun-damaged skins in Sydney, Dr. Rajaratnam developed special interest in aesthetic medicine. She was one of the first few doctors trained in laser hair removal when it was introduced to Singapore in 2000. Over the years, her skills with regard to numerous aesthetic procedures has expanded, and she is recognised as an expert at treating tanned complexions and melasma, as well as providing Botox and Fillers. She regularly writes articles for magazines and newspapers, and does both radio and television interviews. She believes in empowering people with knowledge, which provides awareness and facilitates quality decision-making. She makes it a point to keep abreast of the latest, safest, and most efficacious treatments and technologies by attending numerous international workshops and conferences.


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