5 Myths About Startups that Hold You Back

Published - 01 February 2021, Monday

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Deciding to start a company is a truly difficult decision. There are so many different things that go into making this decision.

You have your personal life to consider. You need to determine how you will make your business successful. Ultimately, you will need to make sure that the potential reward outweighs the inherent risk you are taking.

Many budding entrepreneurs stop short of starting because they start second-guessing their decision to start a business. Second guessing yourself leads you to make excuses.

You start telling yourself to forget about becoming a business owner altogether. Think of all the bad things that could happen. You start to convince yourself that you are just not ready to become an entrepreneur.

You believe that giving up your dreams is the best decision to make. But how long will it be before you start to regret your decision?

You are probably afraid of failing, which is understandable. No one wants to experience failure. But that does not mean that you forgo taking a risk that could ultimately change your life.

Each time you put off becoming an entrepreneur, someone else in the world takes that same risk and enjoys the fruits of their labor.

You cannot possibly believe that you will reach your full potential being an employee. You have the burning desire to do more with your life. Being an employee places a ceiling over your ability to grow and earn money.

Entrepreneurship allows you to explore your capabilities and earn much more money while doing so. Unless you work on Wall Street or the next billion-dollar startup, you will not find this same type of opportunity anywhere else.

Your problem is that you are letting the myths about creating a startup hold you back. What you are actually doing is searching for the best excuse that will validate your doubts. But you may wake up and see someone who had an idea similar to the one you had for your own business.

The only difference has they pursued the business idea, while you gave up before even starting. Now you are angry because you let an opportunity slip away that could have changed your life. The only one you can blame is yourself. You doubted yourself and ultimately failed yourself by doing so.

Think about all the inventions that have been created in this world. Some of the products we now enjoy were once deemed as impossible when they were first proposed.

Henry Ford was told he could not make an affordable vehicle for the average man. What if the Wright brothers did not believe they could make an airplane? What if Thomas Edison was not so intent on making electricity a viable energy source for people to benefit from?

These people could have just quit pursuing their proposed plans due to doubt. But they did not. They did not let themselves be constrained by the opinions of others and their own doubts. They pressed forward because they had goals to accomplish.

You really have no good excuse for not starting a business. Stop letting the opinion of others affect your decision. If you are ready to start your company then go for it.

If you are questioning some of the common myths about entrepreneurship, we have provided the information to debunk those myths. Continue reading if you would like to learn why these myths are nothing more than excuses.

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