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From the moment you create a member login, registered network members are welcomed into the Expat Choice Loyalty Program

Expat Choice Loyalty Program

Sharing your experiences with other members and visitors to The Expat Choice Network involves more than just writing reviews or adding a comment in response to an article, we take it one step further and reward registered network members status points for every type of contribution you make across The Expat Choice Network

You immediately earn status points when you join The Expat Choice Network, choose your interests, vote, review, reply and comment on an article, business, product or service that you have experienced or would highly recommend in your city.

Sign up: 300 points

Select 5 interests: 250 points (50 points per category)

Select 5 choices (business, product or service) in each of the 5 categories: 250 points per category (50 points per choice)

Rate and Review a company listing: (choice): 100 points each

Comment on a Review: 100 points each

Rate and Comment on an article: 100 points each

Comment on a Comment: 100 points each

Vote: Awesome, Useful or Disagree: 50 points each Vote

Contribute an article: 1000 points per article

You constantly earn status points to escalate your Expat Choice Network profile as a NEWBIE (stage one), INFLUENCER (stage two), CONNOISSEUR (stage three) or top of the line - ELITE (stage four) contributor.

The more points you accumulate, the more you are recognized in The Expat Choice Network for your invaluable contributions and the closer you become to being invited to join the Expat Choice Club

What Are The Four Profile Status Point Levels? ►

NEWBIE 0-4999 points

INFLUENCER 5,000-19,999 points

CONNOISSEUR 20,000-39,999 points

ELITE  40,000+ points*

*After achieving Elite status, points may be redeemed for experiences and privileges such as Food, Beverage, Fashion, Entertainment, Travel Vouchers and more.

An Elite member must maintain a minimum of 40,000 points to redeem Expat Choice Club experiences and privileges.

Expat Choice Club

When you achieve ELITE status and accumulate your 40,000 points, you open up a world of privileges.

As an Expat Choice Club Member, you have shown Expat Choice Network members and browsers at www.expatchoice.asia that you are "the local voice of expats".

To reward you for your commitment and ongoing support on the Expat Choice Network we invite Expat Choice Club Members to become ambassadors of www.expatchoice.asia where we invite you to attend awesome events, review staycations, comment on restaurant and bar openings in your region and more....