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29 June 2018
This is awesome, thanks for sharing. We bought a stray cat that was left abandoned in a car park. We are now nearly 2 years in with her and want to get another kitten.


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20 March 2018
Initially, I had no intention of getting any of these faboulous felines. But when I visited this boutique the first time, I immediately fell in love with these exotic creatures. Eventhough I had done my research prior to the first visit, theres much more to learn about this very energetic, yet family oriented breed. And Alfred has been very helpful to fill in those voids of knowing these creatures more intimately. When I first came to know Alfred, he was quite an approachable person, very friendly, does not hard sell, and his aftersales service is commendable. He's always available at a touch of a button. When I had trouble intergrating my 2nd baby with the first, Alfred was always patiently there to lend his helping hand. Its quite apparent the love Alfred has showered on his babies before handing them over, and that what makes them that much more lovely. I can go on and on but words don't do justice to the level of professionalism, knowledge, and passion Alfred has displayed each time I visit them. I highly recommend Alfred and his boutique to anyone who has ever contemplate about getting a Bengal cat. Rest assured once you visit this place, that contemplation will be no more. It's just that awesome an experience. You'll see. Khairul Azri reviewed Designer Bengal Singapore – 5 star on FaceBook


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