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We live in a world, now more than ever, where we’re expected to hold down a hugely rewarding and successful job.

We are expected to raise a well-adjusted family, have a full and fascinating social life, an investment portfolio, go on fabulous holidays, save the world, have the health of an elite athlete, be a fully present partner, friend and boss and still be home in time to put the kids to bed without so much as a hair out of place. Where and how do we find the time to achieve all of this? 

Through her Singapore-based interior and style consultancy, Life by the Blonde, Leigh Millar works exclusively with a select number of male clients around the world. From international executives to independent creatives, budding entrepreneurs to retired professionals - what Leigh’s clients have in common is a desire to bring more flexibility, style and freedom to their lives. Life by the Blonde helps guys create space for life and time to enjoy more of what matters most to them. 

Created to serve the modern man, both personally and professionally, Life by the Blonde takes a multidimensional approach to working with clients, an approach that sees Leigh provide expert advice and support across areas such as interior design and home styling, fashion, grooming and personal style, travel, culture and lifestyle. Her focus is on bringing greater flexibility to personal time - both in creating more of it and making the most of it. 

With an award-winning career spanning 25 years in high end residential interior design and boutique hotel design and a 5-year accidental side gig in male fashion styling, Leigh Millar certainly comes with enough expertise to solve any interior design or fashion style dilemmas.  

Leigh has worked with celebrities, royalty, hoteliers and property developers, lived and worked in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali and Sydney to name a few. This has given her a certain savoir faire and an exposure to a spectrum of styles, fashions, trends and products for creating a unique experience for her Life By The Blonde clients and allows her to combine her passion for interior design and fashion styling. 

So, if you have no idea where to shop for clothes or no idea what to buy. Or lacking confidence in putting outfits together or quite simply don’t want to be wasting valuable time shopping, sourcing and selecting clothes then Leigh can offer various services to solve your style dilemmas. Leigh will take you from mediocre to marvelous, rock your individuality and help you galvanise a modern, sophisticated on trend global style. 

Or if your home interior is something on the to-do list for 2019, whether is a restyle to get it ready for selling or a complete interior design overhaul, Leigh and her team can turn their creative flair, vast knowledge and expertise to your home environment too. 

Life by the Blonde is a unique signature for any man of today that cares about making the most of his home, his style and his personal time. With a focus on space for life - Leigh helps her guys rediscover how to live their best possible life by presenting alternative ways to get the most out of it.

She helps turn them into unsuspecting heroes – giving them back time to do their best work, spend more quality time with their partner and friends, live a more stylish life, play music, learn a language, write that book, complete a bucket list item, or simply sit back and soak it all up for a change. It’s all about looking at each area of a client’s life and their free time, then putting it to good use. 


13 February 2019
Leigh believes the devil's in the details, systems and efficiency and building great client relationships. Leigh’s clients often remark that her positive attitude and calm demeanor through design challenges and renovation roadblocks leaves them feeling confident that their home is in the best of hands. It’s this grace under pressure that she’s honed over 25 years delivering numerous projects all over the world. It was during these fast-paced years, darting the globe on multiple projects and experiencing some of the world’s most luxurious homes and resorts, that she cultivated her personal aesthetic and appreciation for well-designed surroundings.