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12 November 2016
It's been almost a week since my daughters birthday party at Trehaus and it's taken me this long to come to terms with the way Trehaus owners treated us. I should have known that something was amiss when I first viewed the venue and signed up for the premium package. It states that you get a personalised decorated room;however, when I questioned it further, I was told actually it's just 30 coloured balloons. That is far from what a personalised decorated room is! But I ignored that, and paid up front in full (because I was told the lady at the desk didn't know how to take only a deposit). Big mistake! When I was signing up for the premium package, I sat with one of the owners (who has very kindly given her own company a rating of 5/5 on Facebook) and we went through the pros and cons of going "a la carte" service vs the packages they offer. I was told their preferred dessert table vendor was going to give me their premium package as that was included in the Trehaus premium package. Doing all the dollars and cents and weighing options, I thought it would be best to sign up to the fuss free premium party package offered by trehaus. Great, right!?! Far from it! It's says in writing that 5 desserts are given as part of the dessert table. So it was only to my shock that I was told I only get 4, and one was not of my choice! Moreover, the sheer arrogance with which I was treated by the preferred vendor was uncalled for. I told them it was unacceptable to false advertise a package and I expected they fulfil their commitment. They didn't fulfil it to exactly what the vendors premium package was online, but they did some how sort out the five desserts. Albeit, after much issue. This vendor was also in charge of designing the backdrop. I wasn't sure of what design would work best so I asked her to draft two options. Nope. Okay, so I picked one and asked her to draft that. It was awful. I could have done a better job back in grade school. So I told her to change it around and what came back was a flare mediocre piece of work, that even the owner at Trehaus agreed she wouldn't put up and needed work. So I emailed the vendor back and told her that there needs to be some fixing etc, and I get a bit of snotty email back saying they won't do anymore work, and that any further changes need payment blah blah. Again, it came down to what I was told when I was signing up for the package. I was told when the owner worked with this same vendor for her sons bday, she could email her back and forth with corrections until she was happy with it. I wasn't asking for much; I knew they weren't super graphic designers, just something that wouldn't look like it came from elementary school! So three weeks before the party, I realised that this vendor did not have any interest in my daughters birthday and I was worried the dessert table would be a mess. So we ended the collaboration. Initially, trehaus was very apologetic (esp with only three weeks to go) and even offered for me to come in early to set up etc. (No extra charges mentioned at that time). So there I was, looking at a Herculean task of doing a birthday party on my own, in 3 weeks (of which one week I was going to be away!). Anyways, stuff got done. I got great designers to do the backdrop and other things. But the best from Trehaus was yet to come! We booked the place from 1-7pm as the part was 3-6 and we'd need time to set up and tear down. This was acknowledged by them in email. Long behold, I walk in, running late, at 120pm to set up and the owner has the cheek to come up to me as say: "so your guests are leaving at say 5/530?" And I said, ugh no, the party is 3-6! And then I was told well you have to be outta here by 6, we have another party at 6/630. Oh my god! I couldn't believe it, this so called professional place has actually gone and double booked! I was so angry and so upset. I had a whole place to set up before 3, and the owner had the audacity to come and tell me, after all that had happened, that they double booked! And she wasn't even apologetic about it. It was like someone's coming so get out by 630. It hit 6pm and the people from the other party started lining up, blocking our party entrance and preventing us from moving freely. They were in our rented space by 630, when we had it till 7. The owner tried to "help" us wrap everything up by (and I saw her with my Own eyes) throwing out our drinks and food, to get us out of there quickly. I was so angry, and I think I still am. I'm writing this because I don't think any mother should have to go through this. We do a lot for our kids and our kids birthdays are super special to us. We throw parties with such joy and to have this happen to you, on the day of the event, is absolutely unfair. When I look back, I wish I had seen that they were already false advertising and not taken the place. Please be aware of what you sign up for. I had asked all the questions and double check and was reassured. But despite all of that, I became victim to false advertising, unethical business practices and double booking.


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3 October 2016
A convenient and cost effective way to get your career on track while bringing up baby


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