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12 October 2018
Much like the previous reviewer, my complaint is about the dreadful exchange / returns experience. I bought a Rain Cover for a stroller to replace one I'd lost. Before it arrived, we found the original. I retuned the new item untouched, in original packaging having never opened it, under the 30 day money store credit scheme, planning to use the credit to buy a RideSafer Harness. Almost two weeks passed with no update. I got in touch and they denied all knowledge of the return. I checked the Singpost Tracker ID to find it had been sitting in the local post office for 10 days after failed delivery attempts. Presumably Singpost left a card? But Pupsik did nothing to try and collect the item? Not an encouraging start. After contacting Pupsik and giving them the reference number, they reluctantly agreed to arrange pickup (!), though not before trying to get me to do it. A week later they emailed pictures of the item showing the seal was broken on the inside packaging and, in their words, unsellable. I was invited to send them $6 for a redelivery or to come and get it myself. Quite how the inside seal could have been broken without me having ever opened the package they were unclear about, but absolutely uninterested in discussing. I pressed for a refund but their best counter offer was a 30% restocking fee and a store credit. A store credit to buy more from these people? I don't think so. I had it redelivered. Having inspected the item, I suspect it was used in the first place, there's a lot of fingerprints on the inside of the rain cover and it was badly folded into the packaging. We bought the RideSafer elsewhere, and unsurprisingly won't be buying anything from Pupsik ever again.


Hello and thank you for your lengthy review but we cannot allow you to remain anonymous if the review is to be regarded as genuine. Often non members may try to ambush a competitor in the space so in this case we will be reverting the review Rating to a healthy 7/8 until your sign up and make your self known to the entire community
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