7 Great Gifts to Give Your Child for Their Birthday

Published - 17 August 2022, Wednesday
  • Gifts for Children

When it comes time to choose a gift for your child, you don't want to mess up. The look on their face as they tear open that first birthday or Christmas present is nothing short of magical. You need to get something that they'll love. Here are some great gifts your child will love when they receive them.

A Pet

What kind of a pet can you give your child? Anything from a rabbit to a turtle to a hamster is cute and cuddly and perfect for a young child. A dog or cat is also appropriate, provided you train the animal to be gentle so that it doesn't bite or scratch the child.

If you live on a farm, sheep, pigs, cows, and chickens all make good pets, while cockatiels and budgies are fun-loving parrots that are perfect for indoor life in urban areas. They're also relatively inexpensive compared to larger and more exotic birds like macaws.

No matter what kind of pet you choose, make sure it's one that gets along with children. Certain breeds of dogs may be too aggressive for young kids, for example. When in doubt about an animal's temperament, ask an expert at your local pet store before buying it as a gift for your child.

A Journal

If you have a child that loves to express themselves, a journal is a great gift. For example, if your child is filled with questions about the world around them, they may enjoy writing down their thoughts about things like family, school, and friends.

In addition to being able to jot down their thoughts, kids can also use their journals for other things such as drawing, writing down lists and maps, or even creating simple stories. In fact, some children enjoy using their journals to create mini sketchbooks.

A journal can be given at any age, but it's best if you purchase one that's appropriate for your child's age group. For instance, a younger child may want a journal with pictures of animals on the front cover, while an older child may want one that has more blank space so they can draw their own picture on the front cover.

An Ice Cream Cake

An ice cream cake is a good present for your child for their birthday because it will bring them joy and it will be fun to eat. An ice cream cake can be an exciting thing to receive because it tastes great and also because it is quite different from other types of cakes. If a child has never had an ice cream cake before, they will likely be very excited to try it.

It is also a good gift idea because while you can buy one at the store, you can also make one yourself, which can add extra meaning to the gift. For example, if your child loves the character Elsa from the movie Frozen, you could buy or make an Elsa-themed ice cream cake - making your own would require some extra effort on your part, but this would make them even happier with their gift.


Why is a game a good present? Because it helps your child learn how to play with others. From a young age, games like the custom Spot It! game teach kids about rules, winning and losing, taking turns, and working together. And that's not just true of board games; sports teams also teach kids how to win with grace and lose with dignity. The best ones also emphasize positive character traits like selflessness and teamwork.

An Adventure Pass

You've probably noticed how much kids love to do things with their parents. While they definitely want their independence, they also want to spend time with you. Giving them an adventure pass allows them to experience something outside the norm with you that they'll always remember. You can make some great memories together and create a fun activity that you can do for many birthdays to come.

Mini-golf Pass

Mini-golf is a great activity for any age. You can take an older child there and have fun together, or you can take your younger child and guide them through the game. Either way, it will give you some much-needed quality time together while also providing you with entertainment. Plus, if your child is having a birthday party, mini-golf is a great place to have it.

Computer Lab Membership

If your child likes to play video games, why not give them the opportunity to create their own? In addition to general computer skills, your child will learn coding and programming. The more they learn, the more they can do. This kind of coding and programming knowledge can be used in many different ways as they grow. It can also help them with their schoolwork.

When choosing a gift for your child, there are numerous things to consider. A great gift promotes learning, is entertaining, and can even enhance existing skills in a child. You will want to choose a toy that is safe for your child to play with. As you search for the best gift for your child's next birthday, keep these things in mind, and you will be sure to make them very happy.​​​​​​​

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