Get a Life (No Fasting)

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Tue, Jul 6 2021 - Wed, Jul 6 2022, All day
  • Get a Life (No Fasting)

Start whenever you are ready. This course includes 3 personal 90-minute sessions scheduled in a concentrated 2 week period. Guaranteed to result in a beautifully focused plan for your best year ever!

Of everything I teach, this course is my absolute favorite. I personally do this Get A Life process every year for the last 16 years!

The truth is this course came out of my work with people who were told they were terminally ill. Most of them wanted their old life back. But, we joked that it was “that life” that created this reality. So, in order to heal, we need to create a new life! A life seriously worth living for!!!

You take 7-10 days to answer questions you’ve likely never asked yourself. They are fun, light hearted, meaning-full questions. We investigate what is and isn’t working for you. What matters and what doesn’t. Where you find joy and energy and passion and where you wilt, feel soul robbed and numb.

The process concludes with a plan for how to tangibly live your life!

You’ll have clear, simple, achievable goals for maintaining physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, family and child health. You’ll know where you choose to focus your passions. You’ll have clarity on who you want to nurture and grow with. And I could go on and on.

The process is simple. You’ll be connected to the online workbook. We’ll schedule three 90-minute personal call sessions over a 2-week period. And, you’ll have a clear plan for your highest way of living, loving, working and being of service. Bam.

How’s that sound?

With love,


Get a Life (No Fasting): $1,100 USD

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