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26 March 2018
"TCM Slimming @ Slim Couture I have been dieting & exercising on & off for the past decade but usually the weight loss is not very sustainable & I gain it back eventually. Over the years, my body has also been increasingly more resistant to diets & exercise & it has been more difficult to lose weight. I decided to try out Slim Couture's Divine Slim programme after reading some reviews of influencers & seeing their results. By the 6th session (3 wks), my weight had decreased by about 2.4kg & my fat level by about 3.4%. I believe that by the end of the 8th session, it should decrease even more. Although my weight has not decreased by alot (as actually I was already at an ideal weight to begin with), my measurements have gone down by quite abit, so I'm pretty satisfied. I find the overall programme quite holistic as it includes a healthy balanced diet which encourages me to eat clean (after all, weight loss is about 80% dependent on diet & 20% on exercise). This has also resulted in better digestion, skin, & optimal water intake & overall I feel healthier & less sluggish & lethargic. Although the treatments can be slightly painful (I have quite a high pain tolerance) but I find that it is worth it for the results." Jane Tan - on Facebook


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