Green Park Content (GPC) launches Malaysia's first-ever English language health and wellness content hub

Published - 17 August 2022, Wednesday

Multi-award-winning content marketing agency Green Park Content (GPC) launched Malaysia’s first-ever English language health and wellness content hub to establish a powerful online presence for an integrated healthcare company.

Responding to a booming interest in holistic health and wellbeing in Malaysia, the groundbreaking hub “All Things Health” will enable unparalleled access to easy-to-understand, trustworthy articles written by health editors, physicians, and wellness experts and cover key health and wellness categories such as nutrition, mental health, balance, and parenthood.

GPC's client is a Singapore-headquartered company with a strong foundation and consistent track record in health and wellness, and a relentless motivation for research and development. They aim to modernise and universalise traditional healing by making healthcare solutions and resources more widely accessible and ready to empower today's consumers.

Following the overwhelming, positive reception for "All Things Health" in Malaysia and USA, the company now has plans to expand the content hub to other markets in the future. GPC’s proven and award-winning expertise in SEO and brand publishing has made “All Things Health” a resounding success.

Created with the agency’s extensive knowledge of helping brands drive organic traffic and staying on top of the ever-changing SEO and digital landscape, the “All Things Health” content hub is now addressing Malaysians’ growing demand for health and wellness information - with over 5-million category searches of health and wellness topics in the country per month.

"We're delighted that “All Things Health” has gained traction, and impact made since its launch in late August," commented newly appointed GPC APAC Head of Operations Martin Niens. "We built a strong foundation for the “All Things Health” content hub, using the perfect synergy of a headless CMS and world-class SEO strategy to showcase some truly amazing pieces of content which engage and empower our audiences into action."

Green Park Content has an impressive track record of helping global brands amplify their digital presence to a worldwide audience. GPC has 5-hub offices in Singapore, Jakarta, London, São Paulo, and New York. The agency has created several of Asia's most successful content hubs, including,, and BeautyHub.PH.

Each content hub allows brands to own their audiences, capture first party data and save millions in paid media. One of the fastest growing agencies in the APAC region, Green Park Content specialises in SEO and tech, content, social media, and creative production. Their roster of world-class clients include: Unilever, Danone, Reckitt, Nestle, Kodak, Unilever Food Solutions, Sunglass Hut, Havaianas, Knorr, Lipton, PepsiCo, Ricola and AIA.

GPC Creative and Global Brand Head Fe Husaint stated, "We're extremely proud to produce this innovative, pioneering and purposeful content hub. When GPC began this game-changing undertaking, we understood that the pandemic encouraged people to take charge of their own health. In that vein, "All Things Health" aims to meet consumers needs in the moment and answer the unique health concerns today, educating and inspiring them to live a healthy and well-balanced life.”

"The natural wellness-based content hub aims to achieve our client's objective of appealing to a younger, broader, modern audience. "All Things Health" widens the reach of natural, holistic practices, providing research-backed content to help health seekers and their families have the best health at all life stages," continued Husaint.

According to GPC APAC Head of Search Experience and Innovation, Ayie Austria, GPC has saved brands millions in paid media and driven a tremendous increase in organic traffic by utilising best-in-class SEO strategies and curating highly impactful editorial content. Austria stated that "Companies realise the importance of investing in brand publishing to build long-term value through deeper engagement and more purposeful relationships with their audiences.

"All Things Health" achieves this objective by engaging and creating meaningful conversations with young, digitally-savvy consumers and building a loyal audience." Based on an inclusive “natural wellness for all” concept, consumers now have access to expert health advice based on the proven wellness solutions.

Visit the site for more information.

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