Top 4 Fitness Trackers for Kids In 2021

Published - 12 February 2021, Friday
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For kids as well as adults, smartwatches with fitness trackers are useful. They offer a good example to parents on how much exercise and activity your child gets every day and are the perfect way to inspire kids to be more motivated and involved.

For kids above the age of eight, this post looks at the Best activity Tracker Smartwatches. It looks at their benefits and drawbacks, so you can make an educated decision on the right one to buy.

Garmin Vivofit Jr

This smartwatch and fitness tracker is bright and colourful with various Disney designs (Mickey Mouse, Princess, Spider-Man, Star Wars) for the hyped watch-strap. It is very durable and water-resistant. The battery should last for a year - but it is reported to be on a half consumption basis.

Parents can monitor children's steps, sleep, and activity from their mobile phones and provide points for performing tasks. When children are active for an hour a day they go to play and unlock their activity thrill. This smartwatch does not have GPS, and some reviewers have commented that the screen is a little darker, but this is a common complaint on various brands of smartwatches.

Mi Band 4

When not marketed exclusively in this way, it is an ideal device for children because it is waterproof and can be used in the shower and swimming pools. In the smallest setting, the strap fits the child's wrist and the device is slim and elegant, very comfortable to wear.

However, you cannot set up an activity tracker and heart rate monitor for children over 18, and if you have more than one child with an MI Band 4, you will need a dedicated mobile phone to sync everything. The step count is not correct when the child is wearing the band because it is set for adult stride but allows for a rough estimate of the steps and activity. Personalizing the band for the watch is easy. You can set a static reminder.

YAMAY Fitness Tracker

This is an Amazon fitness trackers for kids selection. A sleek design and features this package comes at a relatively cheap price of US$20.

It is advertised as being suitable for children with a pedometer, step counter, and water resistance. It is available with different coloured straps. It can have different fitness modes depending on the sport or activity, i.e. running, walking, tennis, football, dancing, etc. It measures steps, distance, calorie burn, heart rate, activity time, and sleep. It is possible to check social media on the watch. The battery needs to be changed every 5-8 days. Easy to set up on iPhone and syncs with other Apple Health apps.

Huawei Band 4 Pro

This is a stylish looking watch. It is soft, works well, and is water-resistant. It has a colour screen. It monitors the 24/7 heart rate, is built-in GPS, and has a variety of sports modes including the function of measuring swimming strokes and breaks.

The Band 4 Pro is waterproof, which can meet the water needs of children. It also tracks sleep with an app developed in collaboration with Harvard Medical School. The battery will charge it up for 5 days before charging again, and them charge within 100 minutes under normal conditions.

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