Pilates Flow @2nd

Published - 22 March 2018, Thursday

Pilates Flow's philosophy and mission is to maintain the integrity of Joseph Pilates’ original work in its purest form, to teach others the way he would have taught them himself. 

The True Pilates method is different because it refers to the system of exercises that were originally developed and taught by Joseph Pilates, whose unique training regimen has proven itself for more than 80 years as an successful and safe method of exercise.

At Pilates Flow, they practice the True Pilates method. 

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RATED 7 / 8
Interesting, never seen or experienced pilates in this format. Can't wait to try.


RATED 8 / 8
"I've always done Pilates on mat but now I love the workout routines on the Reformer even more. At Pilates Flow, each workout will leave me refreshed and toned. The instructors are very well trained as well as very experience and very passionate about the art of Pilates workout."
Zara Johari - on Facebook

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