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I have been to Jamie’s Italian in London, Sydney and The Forum Shopping Mall in Singapore but had not stepped into the branch at Vivocity.

The view and sunlight streaming in to the restaurant is not evident from the outside. Feeling like I was sitting outdoors when I was actually in a cool, air conditioned space I just loved the ambience of this restaurant. 

Jamie’s Italian Vivocity has so much to offer! From daily set lunches to afternoon aperitivo & small plates plus daily specials, there is something for everyone, any time of day. 

I was there to taste the weekend roast special which changes every week and is available from Friday evening through to Sunday night at both the Jamie's Italian VivoCity outlet and Jamie's Italian Forum outlet on Orchard also. This week roast pork was on the radar. 

Served on a plank the presentation was very impressive. Preceding the plank though the waiter arrived with four unopened cans of tomato! Looking quizzically at the waiter, I was informed that this was to act as support for the plank. And to make space on the table too. Ah that made sense!

For $88++ the pork plank consisted of so many things. Ham and cheese croquettes made from pancetta, prosciutto, parmesan and spinach served with home-made mayonnaise that had an almost smoky flavour. 

As I was asked to choose a small pasta I decided on Jamie’s famous prawn linguine. Stepping into the shoes of patrons who might be gluten intolerant I decided to try the gluten-free pasta. Made of rice flour I could not taste the difference with normal pasta. Way to go! I was going to have this the next time I was at Jamie’s Italian again. 

One might say that a pasta is a pasta anywhere you go. Wrong! This one had a stunning sauce. Blanched to perfection the penne was al-dente and the sauce had to have some secret ingredient. I guess this is why I would frequent Jamie’s Italian again, just to have a good pasta that hit the spot. You have to try it to believe it. 

Telling myself to stop eating the carbo dish and keep space for the meat that was staring me in the face, I couldn’t resist and had to have another mouthful. 

It was now time to try the grilled apple and mustard marinated pork belly and Kurobuta pork sausages. Imported from Australia the meat tasted so delicious with just the right amount of fat on it. The portion was huge! I would say enough for three people perhaps with an added side. 

I had some of the Italian greens – broccolini today, that was left crunchy and fresh. Tossed with olives and a touch of chilli it was the perfect accompaniment to the pork plank. 

The swirl of two huge sausages presented on a skewer that ran through each of them, also had a hint of chilli and herbs. Served with marinated red and yellow tomatoes that were dressed with red wine vinegar, shallots and a touch of sugar, this tangy taste complemented the pork dishes well. 

All of this sat on a sauce of chipotle aioli which was the concoction of Head Chef Ashley of Jamie’s Italian Vivocity. The orange colour came from a touch of paprika that blended well with the chipotle peppers and house mayonnaise. 

From a quick glance at the menu, I would venture down to Jamie’s Italian to take advantage of their set lunch on weekdays. For $27.95++ you could have a choice of starter and main meal. Add a further $5.95 for dessert and coffee or tea. Considering the portions that would be more than plenty to fill you for the day. 

Between lunch and dinner daily, from 3 – 7pm cocktails and small plates are on offer for only $10 each. A real steal if you need a filler before dinner. What I like is that Jamie has thought of the needs of diners. 

He has even created a special for diners who spend more than $90 in a single receipt. A 50 percent discount off all merchandise including Jamie’s cookbooks and embossed mugs. This could be a valuable gift for a birthday especially to someone who loves cooking. I know I’d be chuffed if I was presented with a Jamie cookbook!

Having done the savoury part of the meal I ordered a chocolate lava cake served with a large scoop of salted caramel ice cream. Devilish but simply delicious, I did not feel an ounce of remorse as I relished every mouthful. 

I have to say my favourite part of today’s experience was the plank. A combo of so many starters Jamie’s Italian boasts an Ultimate Plank, a Vegetarian Plank and a Cured Meats plank. When you see the fare on each plank you will realise the value in each. Priced between $36.95 and $43.95 it is something I would recommend you try if it is your first time at Jamie’s Italian. 

To me while the menu looks like a typical Italian restaurant, with pizza, pasta, starters, mains and desserts, the food quality far surpassed that of most restaurants. 

It is no wonder that Jamie Oliver has made a name for himself worldwide. He has a secret touch that I can’t put my finger on and walking out of Jamie’s Italian Vivocity, I felt satiated with a lingering knowing that I would be back!


Hot Find
25 May 2019
What are people saying about the awesome Private Room at Jamie's Italian VivoCity? I am not going to review the food or the prices as that has already been reviewed by others, although I did not have a problem with either. I am reviewing the little know Private Room that is at the back of the restaurant hidden away behind sliding glass doors and a thick red curtain. The room has a large oval table and we seated 13, seated on nice comfortable armchair style dining chairs, I believe more can be seated with smaller chairs. The lighting above the table is single drop copper lighting that creates a warm abience. The volume of the music can be individually controlled and so the right ambience can be created. The floor to ceiling windows have a screen so during the day you can see out but looking in is restricted We hired this room for my daugthers 17th Birthday party and were very impressed with the service we received. I arrived at Jamies early as I assumed that I would have to "sort out" the room, but I was wrong, the room was set up exactly as I requested. All that was required of me was to put up balloons and banners. My daughter was having a "Murder Mystery" dinner so I requested a table to be assigned to us just outside the private room so I could eat and also pop in to deliver the next stage of the mystery. This was provided as requested. Throughtout the evening I was impressed with all aspects of the service provided; the waiter who, quite rightly, advised me that I had requested too many jugs of lemonade and perhaps I should order less and see how that went (he was right!), all the food arrived correctly and at the same time (doesn't always happen with a large group!), late arrivals and change of meal order were accommodated in a friendly manner. At the end of the evening the bill was presented to me and not my husband, I appreciated this as I was the one that had made the booking and organised all the arrangements, I would've been insulted if the bill had then been presented to my husband (it happens more often than it should!). We had access to the room from 5pm and the staff knew who we were as soon as we arrived (the giant 1 and 7 balloon may have given it waya) and we were advised that there was no rush to leave, so the guests did not vacate until 10pm at their leisure, the staff knew the booking was for a 17 year olds birthday so no alcohol would be served; Im sure this was a very low profit booking for them but at no time were we made to feel less important because of that. To be honest, all of the above should be provided as standard but very rarely do I organise a function where there isnt something I have to change, sort out or organise myself but not this time. I was able to enjoy my evening as if I wasnt organising an event and my daughter had a thoroughly wonderful evening, thanks to the staff at [email protected] Vivo. chrisali31 on TripAdvisor


Awesome to know there is a private room here
25 May 2019
What are people saying about Jamie's VivoCity on Social media? Chin Ping on TripAdvisor: The plank assortment for starters was just right and I loved the way my lamb chops were done...yummilicious - juicy & cooked! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the mother’s day get together dinner... R Chandran R on TripAdvisor: The food, as always is extra-delicious. Jamie's Italian is my fussy son's favourite. The mention of going to Vivo City or anywhere near Forum Shopping Centre will bring on the plea, "Let's go to Jamie's." The wine selection is great,too. Could do with friendlier service.