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Restaurant Mosaic Pretoria 1  


Restaurant Mosaic
1 review
23 October 2020
The magic of Mosaic is holistic dining experienced through all the senses - taste, smell, texture, touch, mouth-feel and satiation - leaving you inspired and revitalized. The ancients were eternally searching for the elixir of life, consuming foods supposedly containing the energy of love, protection, sensuality, strength, fertility and prosperity. Chantel taps into these ancient mystic beliefs by making use of fragile herbs and flowers that are more than just garnish. They become the essential ingredients that allow you to emerge yourself in the sustenance of Gaia herself. The essence of each ingredient is captured in her delicate dishes, poems of nature that fills your soul, releasing neurochemicals that calm and soothe, creating feelings of joy and contentment and assisting in the nourishment of your body on levels far beyond just mere satisfaction. Inspired by the French masters like Michel Bras, Pierre Gagnaire, Alain Passard and Guy Savoy, Chantel creates dishes according to inspiration she draws from her environment's natural, emotional and subliminal influences. Central to her philosophy is to show the inherent value of the freshness and seasonality of the ingredients, either from the earth or from the sea. She believes that we should seek out to enhance our food, our health, and our lives. Each composition on her menu is intended to allow for mood enhancement, grounding and stress relief - guests are carried through shifts in emotions and energies without relying on alcohol or caffeine. Layers of harmonious rhythms and melodies manifest in Chantel's botanical creations as she strives to enable nature to speak through her. It is more than foraging, it is about being in tune with the essence of each ingredient as she utilizes herbs and flowers not only to nourish, but also to invigorate and enthrall her diners. The preparation, cooking and eating of food becomes a sanctified act and she makes use of her kitchen to deliberately hone her craft and weave her spells...