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3 June 2019
To celebrate the June school holidays, Eastern Mediterranean-inspired riverside restaurant, Summerlong, invites parents to take a break from cooking by offering children under the age of twelve a free meal from the kid’s menu with every order of an adult main or kebab. This month long promotion can be enjoyed Monday to Thursday all summer-long in June. As part of this offer, your little ones can select from several options on Summerlong’s kid’s menu, that includes a variety of nutritious and delicious entrées. For pasta lovers, kids can choose Macaroni & Cheese, made using high-quality pasta and a blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheese, or Fusilli Bolognese, spiral pasta with a meaty tomato-based sauce. The not-to-be-missed Beef Cheeseburgers consist of juicy, tender patties with melted cheese, while the succulent Grilled Chicken Breast with flavourful herb seasonings is a great option for meat lovers. The cheeseburger and chicken breast come with side salads and fries. Most children are notorious for disliking vegetables, but these side salads are made with leafy greens and thin radish slices, providing a refreshing and crisp contrast to the meaty mains. As an added bonus, Summerlong provides kids with an interactive placemat that is free for doodling, colouring and even a game of tick-tack-toe, making dinner a fun and interactive experience.


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