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Highway4 Restaurants Hoan Kiem 1  


1 review
29 February 2020
Highway4 is the modern-day Vietnamese Tavern; an informal, down-to-earth dining establishment offering a menu of Vietnamese dishes specifically to complement the drinks, eating and drinking go hand-in-hand. Highway4 is less a restaurant, more so a miniature temple to the Vietnamese culture of socializing. It is a place to relax with with a group of friends or colleagues for long, lingering meals full of finely prepared food, plentiful alcohol, and lots of laughter. Highway4 boasts a bohemian interior design featuring hand-crafted furniture together with rustic elements, quirky artefacts and vintage treasures. Beverages include the full range of Sơn Tinh Original Rượu, Vietnam's only internationally decorated world-class spirit, together with a signature cocktail list, imported wines and craft beers. Meanwhile our food concept reflects a modern take on Vietnamese culinary culture; it is neither entirely traditional nor fusion cuisine. The focus is on the dynamic, volatile and temporary aspect of tradition; whilst also understanding (and respecting) that there is no true unadulterated Vietnamese culinary identity – all culture evolves with time.