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Hard Rock Cafe Chinese New Year Menu Hits The Mark


29 reviews
21 January 2019
It’s been a while since I’ve hit the HRC so I was pleasantly surprised when asked to review the Chinese New Year menu. I started off with 3 cocktails – Mandarin Mule, Jade and a non-alcoholic Hibiscus Prosperitea. Not being a cocktail fan (as I reject sugar vehemently), I totally devoured the huge mug of Mandarin Mule. The ginger beer base plus zesty orange tones lent a refreshing clash to the sweet of Grand Marnier. It was so refreshing akin to a G&T, that I sat on it all evening. This is definitely one for people who usually shy away from cocktails. Give it a go. I promise you it is really yummy! Moving on to the Salmon “Yu Sheng” salad. Presented as a salad for one to two people, I was relieved at the portion size. I love this dish but usually have to make the numbers before I can lay hands on it! Tossed with green salad leaves which is an unusual twist, it was served with chunky pieces of fresh succulent salmon. The Pan-Fried Atlantic Salmon with fragrant golden pumpkin mash was divine. It had a tangerine sauce which lifted the taste of this entire dish. Great that HRC have created a dish for the non-Asian palette, as an alternative during this Chinese New Year Season. My last tasting dish of the evening was the Sweet & Sour Baked Salmon. This was my absolute favourite! Topped with a homemade Thai sweet chilli glaze, spring onions, coriander, chopped peanut and fresh lime, I am sure you are salivating just reading this. Served on a bed of rice this dish appealed to my every sense. The flavours were subtle rather than bold and the fusion of tastes combined had me recommending that it should be added to the permanent menu. It almost seemed like a run up of dishes through the evening strategically ordered, with a crescendo at the end to top it off. I am usually at HRC on a Friday night for the live music and Tex-Mex bites. Now I’ll be rocking up for the great food too!!!


This is a great review Sylvia. We appreciate all reviews that are posted but when we see reviews such as you we know you have gone above and beyond to share your thoughts with the expat choice community. I am certainly looking forward to seeing many more of your kind contributions
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20 January 2019
Love this time of year with CNY celebrations. Looking forward to this. Looks amazing!


Hi Richard, please share this post with your social media networks whenever possible. The sweet and sour Salmon is my favourite and definately a move away from the typical menu items that we have grown to expect from Hard Rock Cafe