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Camp Kilo Charcoal Club 0  


130 reviews
22 August 2019
Good vibe. Music is chic and the whole feel of the place is relaxing. Attended the flea Market and sat there ordered drinks and food. The menu is pricey tough. 600gram of seabass for 30. 100 gram of roast pork for 10. Wine is 14 a glass. Wannie Michelmann recommends Camp Kilo Charcoal Club on Facebook. Took the dog for a walk and decided to stop by for a light lunch. Got a half roast chicken(Thai) and a Pomelo salad. The chicken was excellent. Tender and grilled to perfection. The salad at first looked like it had way too much dressing. But affect I started to eat it there was a brilliant kick off chilli at the end which was balanced by the dressing. I was so impressed I ordered the short rib and the pork ribs (BBQ and jerk) to go. The meats were tender and falling off the bone. The flavors were sublime. Best bbq I've had in Singapore. Different and yet a comparable meal to BBQ I've eaten in Texas. The service also was fantastic. A dish of cold water for the pooch as soon as we got there. And he enjoyed the roast chicken as much as I did too. Ajay Mathur reviewed Camp Kilo Charcoal Club on Facebook