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The Southbridge Hotel


1690 reviews
18 May 2019
We went here tonight anmd it was awesome. Better then any reviews. Good atmosphere, great vibe and huge variety in drinks. Sip super chilled craft beers, wines or cocktails while watching the world go by in our open bar or enjoy a tipple from our vast selection of premium whiskies in our beautifully decorated air-conditioned live music lounge.


99 reviews
18 May 2019
What are people saying about The Southbridge Hotel on Social Media? Wow! I’m So surprised about this lovely hotel! My room is just perfect! I love this king size and the staff has been so kindly the best part for me starts at the bar, with the band and the live music! Wow what an amazing people you are all amazing artists - thanks for making my Holiday so completely! Xxx from Lot from Holland Lot van Santen reviewed The Southbridge Hotel – 5 star on Facebook What strikes me the most is how laid-back the vibe of the place is. One can see people from many different walks of life unwind at any part of the day. I personally like that this place has different areas to suit different themes for the night, be it with a bunch of friends, business or just going for a drink alone to mingle. Not to forget, there is a great selection of wonderful whiskeys to pair with excellent food! I always have a good time at The Southbridge Hotel! Xavier See reviewed The Southbridge Hotel – 5 star on Facebook