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Little London Bar & Grill


34 reviews
2 August 2019
Little London: A Pub That's Really a Bar. And Not Very London. There is something especially heart warming and comforting about finding yourself in a London pub. It is all about the ambiance, people sat around tables having random conversations, the bloke in the corner looking edgy - usually trying to sell you something nefarious - and possibly some tourists soaking up the vibe (depending how famous the boozer is.) A great reassurance is that there is a standard set of drinks available in most pubs: solid pints, spirits - usually poured in a meagre fashion from optics - and red and white wine by the glass. The axiom about never ordering anything complicated in a pub is sacrosanct. The most food you are likely to get is a packet of peanuts or a bag of crisps, split open to share on the table. Little London, part of the German Hans im Glück gourmet burger joint chain, on Boat Quay, just about carries off the decor and the pints part. They have Fullers London Pride on tap, which reminded your journalist that the, now Japanese owned, Fullers brewery holds a special place in his heart. When he was 13 years old he went on a highly memorable school trip to it. Sadly, Little London is severely flawed. As a Londoner, and frequenter of pubs in said city, cocktails are never usually sold in a pub. They can be found in a cocktail bar which, like a wine bar, specialises in specialised drinks. Little London falls badly at this hurdle - their cocktails were just terrible and probably the sweetest drinks that our table of media stars had tasted in their lives. Swiftly moving on to the food: Little London served up a reasonable battered dory and chips. The dory was light and fluffy - not quite what you would get in a London pub, as it would be cod or haddock - and the home made tartar sauce could have been creamier. Finding dory on their plate also may not go down with children who are fans of the eponymous Ellen DeGeneres character. The distinctly un-English fried mozzarella sticks seemed to be from a packet and the chicken wings were sweet - they just can’t seem to lay off the sugar in this ‘pub’. All in all, the decor was London ‘pub’ but the experience was distinctly not. Just up the Quay is the Penny Black. It is a much more authentic English pub option and they have more English beers (including London Pride) on tap and no sickly sweet cocktails.