7 Food And Lifestyle Trends That Will Define 2021

Published - 27 March 2021, Saturday
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Even though no one expected 2020 to be a year when we spend most of our time inside, we made it. Now, 2021 lies ahead with a lot of challenges, obstacles, and changes. But it also paves the way for new trends to appear, some of which were born the last year.

If before the pandemic people were living carefree, now the thoughts and possibility of catching the virus made some drastic changes on the lifestyle of most people. At the same time, the strain we put on our planet is a subject that is more and more popular.

People are more aware of the consequences or effects of their food choices and habits on the planet, the environment, and their health. 2020 was a year that maybe we all needed and that was mostly used for introspection. It was a year that represented the start to a healthier lifestyle; at the same time, a change in food habits. So, which are the 7 food and lifestyle trends that will define 2021?

Private Chefs 

Everyone yearns for dinner in a chic restaurant in the middle of the city, but unfortunately, the current restrictions do not allow us to fulfill this dream. However, some ingenious restaurant owners and chefs have found a creative solution. If you want to recreate the restaurant dinner in your own house without cooking anything, you can have a private chef. Many people are willing to pay for the comfort of having a private chef one evening, in your kitchen, cooking just for you. 

Meal Kits 

But for those who do not have the financial possibilities of hiring a private chef, there is another solution. All restaurants had to find a solution because the governments do not allow them to be open inside.

While some of them created some terraces to have dinner there, others focused on food delivery. And a new concept of food delivery appeared, exactly from the wish of people to recreate amazing and delicious restaurant meals.

So, nowadays, if you want to taste and savor your favorite meal, there are restaurants that send you a meal kit. This means that people will order food and they will get a casserole with uncooked food and instructions on how to prepare it. And you have all the ingredients to cook your favorite restaurant meal in your kitchen. How long will this trend last? Bets at mimy say that at least this year. 

Sourdough Rise 

As 2020 was marked by the global pandemic, this came with a lot of anxiety and fears to many people. So many of them rushed to the stores to make provisions. At the same time, to limit the spread of the virus, people were asked to go shopping as rarely as possible.

And because bread is an ingredient that cannot miss many meals, many people started baking bread. The last year was one in which the trend of making your bread at home was on the rise. Nothing compares to the smell of freshly baked bread, so 2021 will be defined by the trend of sourdough. 

Mental Health Awareness 

Even though the global pandemic came with a period of introspection and space for many people, it also pointed to some problems that exist in our societies. Mental health is a subject that begins to be more and more popular and discussed in the media. However, there still is a stigma that is associated with it and many therapists work on reducing it.

At the same time, people have become more aware of the importance of social support and having the ones you love beside you. Even casual meetings with friends have a positive impact on the wellbeing of each of us, but the lockdown makes the loneliness more intense. Anxiety, depression, and panic attacks can easily be triggered and negative emotions can become normal and something that appears every day.

It is therefore important to care not only for our bodies or for our friends, but for our minds too. The rates of suicide among youngsters are rising continuously and finding healthy ways to cope with your emotions is something that will define the lifestyle trends of this year. 

Eco and Sustainable Living 

For quite a few years now scientists, climatologists, and environmentalists have warned that we are putting a strain on Earth and having damaging habits. Pollution, greenhouse gases, digging for oil, burning fossil fuels, and many more are just a few of the things humans do and that affect the health of the planet and ours too. So, 2021 will be defined by trends in eco and sustainable living.

Among the most important and definitory ones are reducing the plastic pollution and demand and opting for reusable products. Reducing fast fashion and encouraging people to recycle or donate products that they do not use anymore.

At the same time, it is important to reduce food waste and find new cooking recipes to use leftovers or ripen vegetables or fruits. After people were allowed to go out, they have started to appreciate the benefits of spending time in nature. And this made them want to protect it more, so eco and sustainable living is one of the trends that will define this year. 

Food as Medicine 

The global pandemic of COVID-19 pointed out some of the people’s insecurities. But at the same time, it shed some light on the importance of having a healthy and balanced diet. Many people began taking vitamins in the form of pills to add an extra layer of protection to their bodies and make their immunity stronger. But a trend that is gaining more momentum is that of food as medicine.

This means that people are buying and consuming some ingredients for the benefits they come with. For example, fruits and vegetables are great sources of nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. And it is better to take your vitamins from food, than from pills.

This trend is most popular in younger generations, such as Millennials and Generation Z, which are more aware of their eating habits and want to make them clean and organic

Communion with Nature 

The last year was a tough one and it made many people aware of the benefits of spending time in nature. Simply walking through the forest, listening to the chirping of the birds, and soaking in all the beautiful and green canopy of the forest can make you calmer and more relaxed.

Moreover, spending time in nature is associated with lower anxiety and depression. Nature can make you more creative and boost your wellbeing, and we will see more people walking in parks, hiking, or biking in the woods than in previous years. 

Final Words 

2021 is a year like no other, a year when we need to learn how to live differently. Some food and lifestyle trends will define this year. Because of the global pandemic, people learned to protect their bodies and health more.

They have turned to healthy ingredients that are natural sources of vitamins and nutrients. A strong communion with nature and habits that promote sustainability and eco-living are also on the rise. You can hire a private chef or order the ingredients for your favorite restaurant meal and cook it by yourself in your kitchen. 

Author Bio: Charlie Svensson is a fast, engaging freelance writer. Skilled in content writing and blogging. His favourite topics are education, social media, sustainability, the environment, and self-growth. Excellent adaptability of skills to reach diverse audiences.


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